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End of Water Season

Dear Irrigators and Water Users,

We have all experienced a year with many records.

We have diverted a record volume of water from storage and the rivers to be used for irrigation.

We have experienced an extremely hot dry spring and summer; the last substantial rainfall in most of the area occurred in early spring for most areas.

The shutoff date of October 6th is fast approaching and as such the importance of storage to maintain our water supplies and thus our superlative irrigation system becomes very obvious.

The benefit this year to irrigators has been immense. This office is now getting reports of bumper irrigation crops for many irrigators.

However, now is the time that I urge all of you to use what reserves we now have wisely. While water management, like farming, is a next year game, we in irrigation have the advantage of keeping some of this year’s water for next year to get a head start.


By way of this post I urge all of you to use your water wisely for the remainder of the year. If your crop is off and you are still under your allocation please consider how you will use water for the next two weeks. Remember that there are some communities that rely upon winter storage in our reservoirs for their winter water supply.

The water you are using now could make the difference between a healthy supply for communities and water shortages for some.

Let’s show the outside world that we are indeed stewards of the environment and wise users of water; it is years like this one that we can show the world what can be done with water and how we use it wisely. It also shows to all how investment in infrastructure can be of great economic benefit to all.

I urge all of your to apply the principles of conservation for the benefit of all. Please call this office if you have any questions.


Terrence Lazarus

General Manager

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