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Protecting our Watersheds

  Imagine that it’s hot and dry and your parched throat is yearning for some cool, safe and clear water. Just as you raise the glass to your lips, have you ever wondered “what if this water is not available tomorrow”? Pollution of water resources is rife and measures need to be taken to reverse this development.

The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) is spearheading a program whose aim is to promote clean and clear drinking water for generations to come and in view of this, a new water charter has been introduced in which individuals and organizations are encouraged to sign as they pledge to protect their own watersheds.

The St Mary River Irrigation District is a strong proponent of responsible water management stewardship and is pleased to work in collaboration with the OWC in advocating for safe and clean drinking water in Southern Alberta. In its commitment to the better management and health of the Oldman watershed, the District recently signed the Southern Alberta Water Charter 2017 and in it pledged to undertake a number of projects to protect its agricultural watershed. The District will fence off riparian areas on its reservoirs and provide off-stream watering solutions. Fencing will prevent nutrient loading by stopping cattle from watering directly on the adjacent shoreline areas.

Our actions impact the watershed that we so much depend on. You and I including the communities around us have a role to play in ensuring good water quality. To know how you can join to help this worthy cause click on this link

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