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Spring is Fast Approaching. Time to Prepare for the Upcoming Irrigation Season

  Greetings to all,


Yes; it’s that time of the year when we all have to start undertaking our plans for the upcoming season.
For us the staff at SMRID we are busy with completing applications for APA’s (Alternate Parcel Arrangements) and taking payments for HPA’s (Household Purpose Agreement); so it’s a very busy time for us.

I have instituted a “by appointment only” system for the many irrigators that visit our offices here in Lethbridge. This is to ensure we can provide the most efficient services for all of our irrigators. We ask that if you are planning to visit the office and speak to one of our staff about your requests for irrigation or any other land transaction that you phone ahead of time and speak with our staff and book a time for you to speak with one of our staff. This will help us do some prior research and also manage our time with dealing with our requests from irrigators; which in turn will help us get applications complete in a shorter time.

The board recently approved sale of new acres in Block 2 which was facilitated by moving previously approved district wide expansion acres from other undersold areas. This is a very exciting time for SMRID as we increase our irrigated acres by utilizing water from our increasing efficiencies, much in part due to irrigators utilizing more efficient irrigation systems; more to come I believe.

While the payment for the HPA’s was due by February 28th I would also remind others that the APA’s must be completed by March 10th.

Terrence Lazarus

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