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Successful Water StartUp

 We are now underway with yet again another successful startup of our irrigation season.

The SMRID is undertaking many exciting projects to improve our business efficiency. We will be utilizing some software solutions that will help us with archiving all of our information including emails in a searchable database. One of the looming problems for many large corporations is the use of emails and the archiving thereof. Many emails are important pieces of information to be used in the future; these need to be properly archived for future information.

By now many of your would have received an invite to attend staff – irrigator meetings in Bow Island and Coaldale. The purpose of these meetings is for an exchange of information and ideas. Field staff and management will be in attendance.

The Coaldale meeting is at the Coaldale Community Hall from 1:30 to 3:30 on June 19, 2017. The Bow Island Meeting is at the same time on June 21st at the Bow Island Legion Hall. All irrigators are invited and encouraged to attend. The agenda will have updates on water supply, maintenance projects, rehabilitation projects and water ordering. The SMRID has produced a small booklet entitled “Water Ordering” which will be given out at these meetings. This is a booklet designed to help with water ordering and has contact information. This is conceived as a living document and revisions will be issued a number of times to cover the edits we expect over time.

I am undertaking an aggressive program of ensuring our reservoirs are not infected with aquatic invasive species of which the zebra and quagga mussels are of particular concern. All irrigation districts are particularly concerned with these mussels as they will cause many millions of dollars of damage to pipelines and structures. With the current initiative I am working with all authorized campground and boat launch operators to undertake a rigorous monitoring of boats entering our waterways. Currently the Government of Alberta has a very rigorous and effective program of inspection and detection; even using specially trained dogs to sniff out mussels on boats. The SMRID program is designed to intercept any possible boat that has been out of province that would have slipped through one of the inspection stations.

I ask that everyone be vigilant and always have their boats inspected if the boat is from out of province or has been taken out of province. If you know of anyone that has taken their boat out of province be vigilant and remind them it would be a good idea to have their boat inspected if it hadn’t been inspected.

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